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Arriving in Hawaii for the first time.

We flew over the islands seeing the tallest peaks above the clouds.  The plane banked and turned allowing us to see the beautiful blue green waters of the Pacific before our final approach to Honolulu International.  The flight itself is mostly unremarkable.  Except, of course, for it's length.  About 10 hours from Minneapolis.

We disembarked and the first thing I noticed was the soft, slightly warmer, more humid air with the unmistakable fragrance of flowers.  We were, after all, in Hawaii.  I quickly realized that this airport was different than any other I'd been it before.  The fragrance of blooming flowers wasn't coming from the ubiquitous leis worn by new arrivals, but rather from blooming plants that lined the concourse.  The strange thing though, at least to my mind, was that the flowering plants were outside.  The concourse had no walls except at the individual gates.

Makapuhu Point 2

Makapuu Point 2

After retrieving our baggage we walked outside to catch our shuttle.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the mountains in the late afternoon light.  I had never been to a place with this kind of "mana."  I remember thinking that I could be very happy living is such a place.

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