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When we first arrived at the summit of Haleakala almost everything was obscured by clouds in every direction. Suddenly the clouds started to move up the walls of the crater creating a clearing below that slowly grew to reveal the beauty of the crater interior. No longer did we enjoy the balmy weather of the coast.  Here at 10,000 feet in elevation the wind was cold and dry. The Sun even more intense than on the beach below. Even so, the spirit of this place permeated us with the loving energy and power of this place. Inside the Volcano I
Inside the Volcan II

Looking down into the dormant crater of Haleakala you can view the great expanse of the crater floor and the many cinder cones which dot the the mountain. I couldn't tell whether it was the view or the thin air that took my breath away. There are very minimal facilities at the summit. You should bring your own water. There are portable toilets only.

Looking beyond the ridges on the far side of the crater we were able to see snow capped Mauna Kea on the Big Island some 40 miles distant. Even though the temperature at the beach might be in the 80's the wind-chill at the summit can be below freezing. Do bring a warm jacket.  Read the travelogue of our horseback ride to the crater floor. Inside the Volcano III
Maui Sunset The beaches from Kihei down past Wailea are surely some of the finest in the world with their sugary soft sand. The sun sinks below the West Maui Mountains as the waves wash over our foot prints on the powdery soft beach in Kihei.
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