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This is a view of the coast looking east on the Road to Hana.  The drive to Hana takes you through some of the most scenic areas in Hawaii.  You will pass one cascade after another on your drive through the rain forest.  Take your time, enjoy the scenery.  After all, this is Hawaii. Hana Coast
Red Sand Beach, Hana This red sand beach near Hana is unique in Hawaii.  Access is via a steep, worn trail. Kaihalulu Beach can only be reached by a relatively treacherous trail that extends around the south side of the extinct caldera. The trail skirts a cliff around the caldera and is made the more dangerous by the cinders which are small marble size rocks which make up the trail.
Haleakala, the House of the Sun, where the Demigod Maui snared the sun so that there would be more day light to do work. Doesn't that sound like day light savings time? Our drive to the summit began in Lahaina. We allowed several hours for the journey because we wanted to stop for the sights along the way. Summit of Haleakala
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