Karen & Jim Byerly
[Karen on Koke Beach] [Jim Sitting Below Waimoku Falls, Maui]
I love to travel and am a pagan sympathizer. The most important place in the world is Hawai`i. I fell in love with Hawai`i on our first visit in 1995. When I smelled the sweetness of the place and gazed upon the beauty of it, I knew that I would live there someday.

By vocation I'm a Librarian cum Computer Guru.  By avocation I'm just plain enigmatic. 

I've been interested in photography since I was ten.  I'm still trying like mad to take a good photograph.   If only my laziness wouldn't get in way of my ambition!

We have 2 cats and live in a large city in the Midwest.  We've traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe.  Share in our experiences in Arizona's Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls, and Sedona, or California's Big Sur, the Canadian Rockies, the Florida Keys, or Washington's Olympic National Park,  Our hobbies include hiking, in-line skating, x-country skiing, and photography.
Our Spiritual Home
Hawai`i Shrine

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