Karen & Jim's Guide to the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls, and Sedona
We began our trip at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. After picking up our rental car, we drove north to Sedona where we spent our first night. We arrived in Sedona just before sunset and were treated to a fabulous show of evening color as the waning rays of the sun painted the awesome rock formations for which Sedona is so famous.
Sedona Rocks
Bell Rock? We wanted to visit Sedona after seeing photographs of this incredible area. We were concerned that it might be so overdeveloped as to ruin the experience, but fortunately that was not the case. Sedona sits in the midst of state and local parks as well as national forests.

The Sedona area has such a warm and welcoming aura. The peaks make it feel as if you're being embraced by them. In Sedona we found a place of great natural beauty that allowed me to be more in touch with the spiritual realm.




Sunset over Oak Creek
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