Karen & Jim's Guide to the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls, and Sedona


More Getting There

The other helicopter service which can take you to Supai is Papillon Helicopter at Grand Canyon; The ride down to Supai was an amazing experience. Hualapai Canyon is a beautiful side canyon of the Grand Canyon.

Karen boarding helicopter
Karen boarding helicopter for trip to Supai

Helicopter swoops into Hualapai Canyon
Helicopter swoops into Hualapai Canyon

We had a really beautiful surprise at Hualapai Hill Top. Hualapai Canyon is beautiful! The white sandstone cliffs of the canyon just fall away revealing the sage covered canyon floor below. The lower layers are an intense red rock that contrasts sharply with the layers above.

As the helicopter flew down into the canyon I could see that there was an emerald green heart to the canyon composed of cottonwood and mesquite trees. The helicopter flight to the village takes less than five minutes at the 120 mph measured air speed, but it was well worth the price we paid of $80 each.

Havasu Canyon
Havasu Canyon

Havasupai Lodge
We really didn't want to backpack so we arranged two nights lodging at the Havasupai Lodge at $75.00 per night. Fortunately we were able to stay an extra night because some other traveler had canceled their reservation. The Havasupai Lodge is a nice little motel with family style rooms that have two queen size beds and full bath. In the photo at left you'll see that there's always someone there to welcome you.
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