Karen & Jim's Guide to the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls, and Sedona

Grand Canyon National Park - Hiking

The rim trail offers numerous named and unnamed overlooks of this natural wonder. Most of the rim trail is relatively level with very little change in elevation. This is an ideal spot for hiking especially with children. Most of the trail in the vicinity of Grand Canyon Village is actually paved which provides great access for the disabled. The rim trail is also a great place to hike while you acclimate yourself to the thin dry air. The elevation at the south rim is about 6900 feet.

Grand Canyon near Bright Angel Lodge
Grand Canyon near Bright Angel Lodge
Jim and Karen on Rim
There are two trails that will take you into the canyon from the South Rim; Kaibab and Bright Angel. We decided to walk part way down the Bright Angel trail to get a better look at the canyon. In late March much of the upper trail was still covered in compacted snow and ice. The park recommended that hikers wear some sort of cleats or crampons for safety. The snow get densely packed into ice by the mules who ply the trails each day. When ice conditions exist even the mules wear special "horse shoes" that have cleats on for sure footing on the ice.
The other issue you have to be aware of is the omnipresent mule poop. It thoroughly covered the ice in some areas creating an extra slippery coating on the trail. Don't fall down in this stuff! Karen posed next to the sign near the trail head that explains the various ways you can die while hiking this trail.
Karen on Kaibab Trail
Karen reads warning sign on Bright Angel Trail
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